Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Using IVM in a docker container

Real time, fast update of materialized views

 In  this blog entry I have introduced the ongoing project: Incremental View Maintenance (IVM), which allows to real time, fast update of materialized views. Since the bolg, IVM now can handle outer joins and self joins. The out come of the project is in public in a form of set of patches against git master branch of PostgreSQL. Also a GitHub repository for this project is in public as well.

Docker image for IVM

So skilled PostgreSQL developers can test IVM today. However it's not that easy for people who do not regularly compile and build PostgreSQL and IVM from source code. Fortunately one of IVM developers "Yugo Nagata" comes up and starts to provide complete docker image of IVM. I am going to demonstrate how to use it step by step.

# Pull docker image  
docker pull yugonagata/postgresql-ivm 
 # Run docker container using port mapping 15432:5432 
docker run -d --name pgsql-ivm -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -p 15432:5432 yugonagata/postgresql-ivm
 # Run psql to connect to PostgreSQL to create database named "test"
docker run -it --rm --link pgsql-ivm yugonagata/postgresql-ivm psql -h pgsql-ivm -U postgres 
# create database test; 

# Run psql to run pgbench
docker run -it --rm --link pgsql-ivm yugonagata/postgresql-ivm pgbench -i -h pgsql-ivm -U postgres test

# Run psql to try IVM
docker run -it --rm --link pgsql-ivm yugonagata/postgresql-ivm psql -h pgsql-ivm -U postgres test

# Create a materialized view "mv1" for query "select count(*) from pgbench_accounts.

# Note that "pgbench_accounts" was created by pgbench
test=# create incremental materialized view mv1 as select count(*) from pgbench_accounts;

# select the result from the view
test=# select * from mv1;
(1 row)

 # Start a transaction

 test=# begin;

# delete 1 row from pgbench_accounts table
test=*# delete from pgbench_accounts where aid = 1;

# Check to see if mv1 reflects the deletion
test=*# select * from mv1;
(1 row)

# Abort the transaction
test=*# abort;

# The deletion was cancelled in mv1 as well
test=# select * from mv1;
(1 row)


IVM has been continuously developed. Now it can be easily tested in a docker container. Please try it out!


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