Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LPI-Japan to start PostgreSQL certfication

LPI-Japan, a non-profit distributor of LPIC(Linux Professional Institute Certification) in Japan will start "OSS-DB" exam from July 1st, 2011. LPI-Japan is known as one of the largest distributor of LPIC in the world(according to LPI-Japan they have distributed 164k LPIC so far).

According to LPI-Japan, OSS-DB will be ready for several open source databases in the future. However the initial version will only support PostgreSQL(!)

Representatives from Fujitsu, Hitach, Miracle Linux, NEC, NEC Soft., NTT, and SRA OSS attended the press announcement event.

I hope OSS-DB will significantly contribute to making PostgreSQL more popular in Japan.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails regarding the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake in Japan.

Fortunately I, my family and employees are all fine. My home town is in Tohoku area and my mother, brother and sister, who are living there, are still sufferings from lack of water, gasoline and gas etc. even though they did not have the tsunami.

Needless to say about those who had the tsunami. According to the goverment it is likely more than 10,000 people died. I would like to pray for the repose of their soul.

We also worry about the Fukushima nuclear powerplant which has serious problems caused by the tsunami and the earthquake. This also heavily affects the electricity in other area including Tokyo. Due to lack of electiricity we are forced to have a power cut. Trains/metros in Tokyo are revolving only 50% comparing before.

The most important thing we could do here is keeping on our businesses to make money and resources to help Tohoku and Japan. I'm sure we can rehabilitate Japan.

Again I would like to thank to everyone who care about us.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visiting Brussels

After visiting Paris, I moved to Brussels to join FOSDEM, the largest open source conference in Europe.

I gave a 45-minute talk abut PostgreSQL and pgpool-II.

After finishing the talk we enjoyed a small tour of the beautifull city.

This is the famous "Grand Place".

There are nice Art Nouveau caffes in the city.

I bought some laces in a old lace shop. They are hand-made and very nice.

There is a great chuch which has a big pipe organ. I was so impressed and bought a CD, recorded the acuall play of the organ!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visiting Paris

On February 3rd 2011, I gave my first talk in Paris.
The conference was called "PostgreSQL session", sponsored and organized by a French PostgreSQL company Dalibo. Dalibo started to give a series of PostgreSQL seminar in Paris and the conference I joined was the first one.

Damien Clochard of Dalibo was the organizer and he did an excellent job. Especially the room used for the conference was pretty impressive for me. At a first it looked very old, but actually not, according to Jean-Paul Argudo of Dalibo. The room was designed by an artist so that it looked very old.

The first picture is David Fetter, talking about dblink.

The second picture is Philippe Beaudoin of Bull. He talked about an interesting migration case in French government.

The lunch was served as described in the menu left. The meals were so delicious, I forgot to take pictures of them:-)

I would like to thank to all the people who organized and joined this great conference!

After finishing the session, I enjoyed a small sightseeing of course.

In summary, the conference was great, meal was great and my trip was great. I hope to visit Paris again!

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