Tuesday, June 4, 2013

pgpool-II 3.3 alpha 1 is out!

We are going to release new version of pgpool-II 3.3 soon. Previous version 3.2 was released in last August. Since then over 12,000 copies are downloaded. 3.2 was very successfull, since 3.1 was only downloaded only 5,000 in almost same period. So we expect 3.3 to be even more successfull than 3.2. So what's new in 3.2 anyway?

Well 3.3 focuses on maturing 3.2: especially "watchdog" part. The watchdog was new in 3.2, allows to prevent a single point of failure of pgpool itself. I know we already have pgpool-HA, but the watchdog does more. It can make more than two pgpool's working together, for example, on line recovery.

In 3.3 the watchdog is much more enhanced:
  • New life check method (“heart beat”) added
  • Redundant heart beat device support
  • Secure protocol for heart beat and other messages
  • Interlocking of fail over/fail back/follow maser script
  • Monitor and auto restart watchdog process if it goes down
So please come and try 3.3 alpha now!

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