Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pgpool-II talk at PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012

I'm going to give a pgpool-II talk at upcoming PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012. The talk is titled "Boosting performance and reliability by using pgpool-II" and I will explain how to enhance DB performance by using pgpool-II 3.2's "on memory query cache". Also I will explain how to set up "watchdog", which is also a new feature of pgpool-II 3.2. By using this, you can avoid SPOF(single point of failure) problem of pgpool-II itself without using extra HA software.

The conference will be held in Prague, the Czech Republic, October 23-26. I've never been to Prague, and am excited at this opportunity to visit the old beautiful city!


  1. I'm looking forward meeting you there Tatsuo !

    BTW, I'll give a talk about HA with Pacemaker as well ;)

    -- ioguix

  2. Great. See you at the conference!


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