Pgpool-II 3.3 released

Finaly we released new major release: pgpool-II 3.3.

This version focuses on enhancing "watchdog" module of pgpool-II.  It is in chage of avoiding the single point of failure caused by pgpool-II itself. Because pgpool-II is a proxy program for PostgreSQL, dying of pgpool-II immediately causes a service down of entire database system. Traditionally we deal with the problem by using two pgpool-II instances and "pgpool-HA", a heart beat script. Watchdog is a replacement for pgpool-HA. Users do not need to install pgpool-HA anymore. Just install two (or more) pgpool-II instances and turn on watchdog. Watchdog appeared in pgpool-II 3.2 and now it is far enhanced in 3.3.

Enhancements for watchdog includes:
  • New monitoring method of watchdog lifecheck using heartbeat signal
  • Interlocking of failover/failback script
  • Secure watchdog communication
  • PCP command for retrieving the watchdog status
  Other enhancements in 3.3 include:
  • import PostgreSQL 9.2 raw parser
  • New pgpool_setup tool
  • Support for using CREATE EXTENSION to install pgpool specific extensions
  • regression test suit 
  • new simple installer
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