Tutorial to pgpool-II plus Streaming replication

I have written a tutorial to pgpool-II using PostgreSQL 9.0's streaming replication. The tutorial is designed to use minimum resource: a Linux box. On the box, pgpool-II, pgpoolAdmin(a PHP based pgpool-II GUI admin tool) and two PostgreSQL 9.0 instances.

Though the tutorial system is surprisingly simple, you could learn:

- How pgpool-II detects PostgreSQL failure and automatically promote a standby server to primary server

- How pgpool-II re-sync the failed node by using "online recovery" capability

Please enjoy!


  1. Tutorial page not opening, can you post instructions somwhere else?

  2. Hi. At least with pgdg rpms you CAN have multiple instances, just ln -s /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.1 /etc/init.d/postgresql2-9.1 and then create /etc/sysconfig/postgresql2-9.1 with port configurations.

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