PostgreSQL 9.0 and pgpool-II endurance test

I have started to run an endurance test of PostgreSQL 9.0beta4 and pgpool-II 3.0-dev on Aug 12 17:47.
The hardware: two dual-core opteron 2.2GHz, 2GB mem.
One is used for the streaming replication primary server and the other is used for the standby server.
The load is provided by pgbench -N -c 10 (10 concurent users) -C (each time the transaction starts, pgbench connects to pgpool), which runs on the primary server.

Up to now the test has lasted for about 88 hours. No errors, no OOM killer run because of memory leak. Totally 291 million transactions have been processed.

Here is some TPS data. "excluding" means excluding connect/disconnect time. "including" means including connect/disconnect time. So it's not supprising that "excluding" is far better than "including". This is the reson why you want connection pooling.

select avg(excluding) as excluding_avg,
stddev(excluding) as excluding_stddev,
avg(including) as including_avg,
stddev(including) as including_stddev
from endurance_test;

-[ RECORD 1 ]----+-----------------
excluding_avg | 1290.55333121045
excluding_stddev | 18.6107550266789
including_avg | 916.442996303828
including_stddev | 10.3926488799762


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