Pgpool-II 3.0/pgpoolAdmin 3.0 beta1 released

After 3 months of hard work, pgpool-II 3.0/pgpoolAdmin 3.0 beta1 is finally out.

Please join the beta test program. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Many people helped us in making this reality. Especially I would like to thank to:

Guillaume Lelarge: enhanced pcp commands, lots of patches, French translation and more...
Masao Fujii: gave us valuable info about streaming replication of PostgreSQL 9.0
Simon Riggs: gave us valuable info about Hot standby of PostgreSQL 9.0
Toshihiro Kitagawa: did hard work on enhancing extended protocol processing
Nozomi Anzai: updated/enhanced internal of pgpoolAdmin


  1. Tatsuo, any chance of ever having pgpool available for Windows, too? Thanks. Martin

  2. Martin,
    Sorry for delay. I was very busy to make pgpool-II 3.0 release. About Windows version... it's just a matter of budget unless some offeres volunteering the work (I my self is not a Windows expert at all and can't do it myself).

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