A mail client using PostgreSQL

Do you know sylpheed? It's an open source mail client and has been
used by many people, who are using more than 30 different languages,
all over the world for ten years now.

Sylpheed was born in Japan and has been developed by Mr. Yamamoto, who
has been working for our company since 2006. Recently he has made a
commercial version of Sylpheed called "Sylpheed Pro".

The most interesting feature with Sylpheed Pro is, it comes with
PostgreSQL's nice full text search engine. If you install Sylpheed
Pro, you have PostgreSQL running on your computer. Any mail received
by Sylpheed Pro is automatically stored into PostgreSQL database so
that it can be used later to execute full text search on your
mails. How fast is it? Usually you can find the mail what you are
looking for within 1 second out of 10,000 mails. Sylpheed Pro even
can take care of attached documents including PDF, Word, Excel,
OpenOffice files. It extracts the text part from those files.

At present, Sylpheed Pro is sold in Japan only. However you could
download a trial version of Sylpheed Pro and test it since Sylpheed
Pro is a multi-lingual software. So if you do not care that the
download page is written in Japanese, please try it from here.


There are six text boxes you need to fill in.

[Last name] [Fist name]
[Last name] [Fist name](please repeat)
[email address]
[company name]
[you can leave it blank]

then click *left* button (right button is "clear"!)


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